Glass Shower Screen To Toilet

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Specification of Glass Shower Screen To Toilet

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Glass Shower Screen for Toilet

The use of glass shower screens for toilets is now no longer something foreign to apply, especially for those of you who have two bathrooms. This type of glass gives the atmosphere of a house toilet more elegant and comfortable when used. This is because the shower screen serves to keep your bathroom dry from being exposed to water.

This shower screen is pretty much in demand because it can create a better toilet, and has become a recommendation from a doctor. The division of the bathroom is very suitable for using glass like this which is useful for dividing the two places for wet bathrooms and dry bathrooms. Usually the glass uses tempered type or other types.

Definition of Shower Screen

The use of this glass is widely used as a solution, for home decoration and also because of certain other purposes. Glass shower screen for the toilet is a room divider in the bathroom using full glass material to prevent water splashes on other areas. This type of glass is also often referred to as a shower box because of its box shape.

Another understanding of this type of glass is a box that has a partition of glass and aluminum to separate the bathroom. There is also the main ingredient using full glass, it can be adjusted to the desired by you. This glass is one of your first steps to maintaining a healthy floor, a wet floor has a lot of bacteria.

The function of the use of Glass Shower Screen

After reading the explanation above, of course you already understand that the main function of this glass is to divide the room between one bathroom with another. In addition, this glass can also prevent splashes of water so it does not seep into a dry place, so it is more awake. If you use glass like this can minimize the slipping.

Not only that it looks to make your bathroom become more luxurious and seem more modern and comfortable to use. You can prevent the growth of bacteria on the bathroom floor, because a wet bathroom will be vulnerable to bacteria. Its use of the shower screen glass for the toilet is also very easy to clean.

Size and Thickness of Glass

Generally this glass is made using tempered type glass, but can also use other types of materials. As for the size of the glass for this type which usually is 10 mm, the installation process itself adjusts to your wishes. This of course can make you more flexible in choosing the length and width of the glass.

The shape of this glass varies depending on the area of ​​the room you have, and according to your request. If you do not know clearly the right choice, you can conduct a discussion before the glass installation process. So the results will be better and more leverage, because it was chosen correctly.

Selling Glass Shower Screen for the Bathroom

Varia Jaya provides various types of glass for all purposes at very affordable prices, as well as the maximum manufacturing process. The quality obtained from the Varia Jaya shower screen is no doubt because it has been widely recognized by previous consumers since 1986. We have a lot of experience in the field of glass work for anything.

For those of you who want to order glass like this, we will help to determine the right choice for the appearance of your bathroom. Many consumers are very satisfied with the service we have provided regarding the work of the Glass Shower Screen for the toilet.

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