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02 May 2023
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Specification of Glass Shower Box

Glass shower box shower curtain as a substitute function to add elegance and ambiance of the bathrooms are more spacious.

Glass Shower Box

Glass shower box is the right solution for you who have two bathrooms, namely for wet areas for bathing and dry for toilet and sink. If you like this of course you need a separator that can prevent water from spreading to a dry place such as a shower box. This glass is suitable to be used as a barrier to your bathroom right.

Currently there are many forms of shower boxes that you can find, of course, with the same function. But the type of glass used for the shower box itself can vary and can be adjusted to the desires of consumers. The design of the bathroom with a shower box also makes it look neater, and well ordered, so as to provide its own comfort.

Understanding the type of Glass Shower Box

Shower box is now widely used, and also familiar in the ear because it has become one of the important decorations. Glass shower box is a city made of glass material to hold water seepage when bathing so it doesn't come out. As for the general understanding of this glass shower can also be referred to as a bathroom area barrier.

Shower box itself is a box made of glass with various shapes and types of glass that can be chosen as desired. The existence of this glass can make your bathroom more neat because it has its own restrictions that connect with other bathrooms. And can give a different impression from the bathroom normally.

Shower Box Function

There are many functions that can be obtained by using a glass shower box in your bathroom that is still rarely known. The function is as a place of relaxation when bathing that provides comfort to release fatigue. Glass like this can prevent water from the bathroom out, or prevent splashing water into a dry area.

Other functions can give the impression of a more modern bathroom and also more beautiful when seen, the design also makes it look more luxurious. If you use this type of glass, you don't need to worry about cleaning it, because it can be easily cleaned. So you can keep your glass clean.

Shower Box Size

As a divider or a divider in the bathroom, this shower box has a different size. But in general the shower has a size of 90 cm x 90 cm with a high glass that can reach up to 2 meters. If you have a large bathroom, so you need more space, you can determine your own size.

Bathroom glass also has a good level of thickness so it does not break easily, this thickness can be determined by yourself or follows the specifications. Glass shower box itself has a shape that can be adjusted, as well as the type of glass that you can choose. The type is in the form of frosted glass such as ice glass, tempered glass, and clear glass.

Selling Quality Shower Glass

Many stores sell shower box products but it is not certain whether the materials used are of high quality, and the process is good. This is important to note because it can affect the quality of the glass when used by you, so there is no error. Varia Jaya is one of the experienced stores.

Various types of glass products offered such as glass shower boxes are made with a good work process, so that they get maximum results. The product ordering process is also very easy, namely by contacting our contacts or coming to the office for further clarification.

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