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In building a building or making a decorative course requires a good shape, so it is often done cutting like this edging and beveling glass. This type of glass is usually glass that has been cut for several purposes in order to produce the appropriate quality glass. These cuts are useful for many things, and are important to do.

Types of glass used for cutting are also very diverse, of course, with a machine designed specifically for cutting edging glass. In a process like this, of course, edging and also bevel have many benefits to help work in the manufacture of glass for buildings. So that it becomes faster and better quality.

Definition of Glass Edging and Beveling

Edging glass is a type of glass that has been cut at the edges or on the side of the glass using a special machine. Edging is also one of the ways that must be done in the process of development. Thus providing maximum results and also more ready to use without any obstacles.

While beveling glass itself is a type of glass that has a glass side or the edges of the glass are more slanted. Usually the pieces are also made with angular sizes less than 90 degrees for specific purposes and purposes. When combined they are a type of glass that has been cut for several specific purposes with different shapes.

Main Functions of Glass Edging and Beveling

If you pay attention from the pieces of edging glass serves to cut the sharp part of the glass so it is not dangerous when used. So as to be able to make glass safer and also ready to be used for various purposes. A good cut can also make the glass more quality and more beautiful to be applied.

The bevel glass itself has a function to enhance the visual of the glass because the light that is captured becomes a beautiful color. Beveling is also able to provide better designs and better decorative styles than before. Moreover, it can provide better appeal that provides its own final value for the glass.

Size of Bevel and Edging Glass

Both of them when cutting edging and beveling glass do not have a certain size. This is because the glass is usually cut when it will be used or applied to decorative processes or building exteriors. When this glass edging process was in the final making as a refinement of the glass.

This also applies to the manufacturing process of beveling glass, where the glass is formed because it is in accordance with the wishes of the consumer and then cut with a bevel for adjustment. The shapes of both are also very diverse, according to the purpose of making or ordering the glass.

Varia Jaya's Best Quality Glass

In the process of making glass it takes a good ability, for that Varia Jaya strives to make quality glass for you. There are many types of glass that can be selected according to your wishes, of course, with low prices and guaranteed quality. Varia Jaya has been widely established since 1986 until now.

We will help you to find the best glass choices by making the perfect edging and beveling glass. So the results will not make you disappointed, because we will try to maintain your trust. If you have questions or want to order, you can contact us or come directly.

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