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Specification of Glass laminate

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Laminate Bending Glass

Bending laminate glass is widely used for a variety of applications from modern homes to public and business facilities. This one glass has sturdy properties because it is produced by delaminate so it is stronger. Besides being stronger, this one glass also has a main characteristic in the form of the arch.

Understanding Bending Glass Laminate

This glass is curved due to the heating process of the glass in high temperatures. In the end, the glass will bend according to the level of curve that is expected. Related to the capacity of the glass arch itself will be greatly influenced by the size or dimensions of the glass.

In addition, the curvature of the laminate glass is also influenced by the thickness of the glass as well as the desired radius of curvature. Considering this, the glass industry company applies a minimum and maximum limit of the size and thickness of the glass that can be curved.

Function of Laminate Glass Bending

Generally, the curved glass will be installed on the roof of the canopy, railing beside the swimming pool, roof canopy to curved windows. In general, the curved glass laminate is indeed functioned more in the exterior parts of houses and buildings.

Some cafes, restaurants and many other buildings that apply curved laminate glass, especially in the window and curtain wall. This laminate type glass is not only thicker and safer, but the presence of polyvinyl coating on laminated glass makes it more soundproof because it is insulated.

This polyvinyl layer will be glued between two pieces of glass. In addition to making laminated bending glass stronger and soundproof, but the layer of polyvinyl granules film or PVB in it is useful as safety in case of breakage. Given the shape of the glass is curved, this glass is automatically more susceptible to breaking, therefore this layer will prevent the glass from breaking into sharp granules.

Size of Laminate Bending Glass

The size of the laminate bending glass itself can be customized according to your needs. However, in general the minimum and maximum standards of glass size, including radius, dimensions and thickness are usually set. The existence of a minimum to maximum size of the bending glass is quite important, considering that the glass is tempered bending so that it is curved unlike ordinary glass.

For the size of the thickness that is set by the manufacturer is usually a minimum of 5 mm and also a maximum of 15 mm. The existence of a minimum size given the difficulty to bend thinner glass. For the radius itself, a minimum size of 1000 mm is set, while the maximum dimensions are 13000 mm.

For dimensions of the glass size is set at a minimum of 600 x 600 mm. While the maximum size is 2438 x 2500 mm. You can only order this size or in between.

Sell ​​Bending Glass Laminate

There are many things to consider when buying laminate bending glass. This is because not all places have the ability to do bending or bending the glass that is optimal and quality. For this reason, choosing an experienced glass company like Varia Jaya will guarantee your satisfaction.

The company has been engaged in various fields of glass business for the needs of both households, businesses and large-scale public facilities. The company, which is located at Jalan Mangga Dua Raya, West Jakarta, Komplek 31 at number 9, offers laminate bending glass that is both sturdy and perfectly curved. The tempered bending process from Varia Jaya is not only fast but also quality.

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