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Specification of Cristal glass

Varia Jaya has been established since 1986 and Has experience in a variety of jobs both for Aluminium Glass & commercial or residential Work.

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Cristal Glass

Nowadays cristal glass has been widely used for various things in decoration and home building processes and so on. Crystal glass can provide an interior appearance or interior appearance that is cleaner and clearer than other glass. This is because the process is very well made and designed.

This type of glass has been widely used as one of the ingredients to beautify a room, or building when used. Its clarity is able to provide a more luxurious and better atmosphere, because it is able to show the entire view without visibility. This glass is also often used for various needs apart from functions for buildings.

Understanding Cristal Clear Glass

This glass has a clear level that is different from transparent glass in general, given that this glass is made from a different process. Cristal glass is a type of glass that is very clear because it has a low amount of iron content, for a variety of functions. This glass is also one of the glass for building needs.

If interpreted according to a large Indonesian dictionary this glass is a glass that if it has broken it will become like crystal beads. This glass is also included in the type of glass that has a low level of color distortion with transmission and also good visual. It also looks more clearly when it looks clearer, cleaner and more elegant.

Crystal Glass Function

Besides being known as a very clear glass, this type of glass also has a lot of diverse functions and is included in multifunctionality. Crystal clear glass like this are widely used for making doors, cabinets, and also as other furniture. But its function will still be adjusted to the main needs of its application.

This glass also has another function, namely as a complement to architecture that gives a more elegant appearance. Apart from these functions there are many other functions of this type of cristal glass. Usually to increase security, and be able to control the temperature it will be given additional to increase the safety of the glass.

Glass Size

If you determine the size for this glass, then you should first determine the function or purpose of use of this glass. This is because, cristal glass has a variety of sizes and must be adapted to its function. The shape of this type of glass also varies, depending on your desire to choose the right shape.

This measure can help you in making the right choice and in accordance with your use in the field of architecture or decoration. Thickness is also very diverse and can be adjusted to your request during the manufacturing process. It can be concluded that this glass does not have a clear and definite size to determine it.

Varia Jaya Selling Cheap and Best Glass

If you are currently confused about determining the right store then Varia Jaya can be the best solution, we will help to provide you with choices about the best product. The glass products offered are made and designed very well, of course through the perfect stage for the best results.

 The price given for cristal glass products is also very cheap, but high quality. Varia Jaya has been established for more than 20 years, and has been widely trusted by consumers, because it has the best and fast service. So you don't need to hesitate to determine the right type of glass that is cheap and also results in higher quality.


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