Tempered Glass Frosted acid

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Specification of Tempered Glass Frosted acid

Varia Jaya has been established since 1986 and Has experience in a variety of jobs both for Aluminium Glass & commercial or residential Work.

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Tempered Frosted Acid Glass

Tempered frosted acid glass is widely used in interior design needs and for other purposes. This is because of the many advantages possessed by this type of tempered glass, with its uniqueness. This glass also has many functions that can be adjusted to its placement, because these functions affect the design.

Frosting glass like this can be used extensively for various things that can be tailored to your needs. The glass which is the solution for this decoration problem has many benefits for you, made through special stages or processes. Resulting in a type of glass that is strong, thick and also has good benefits.

Definition of Tempered Glass

Tempered frosted acid glass is one type of frosted glass that is made by chemical processes for a variety of home and building decorations. Tempered glass itself is often referred to as ice glass, and has many functions. In addition, although this frosted glass still has a smoother surface, there are also tempered glass that uses engraving.

The carving is certainly to give a more beautiful impression of the tempered glass itself. This type of glass is also one of the most widely used modern glass, because it has a different appearance than transparent glass. If you pay attention to the appearance or the effect of the frosted glass, it gives an impression that looks exclusive and also more attractive.

Function of Tempered Frosted Acid Glass

As a modern glass of course this tempered glass has many advantages that make it superior to be used as room decoration. The first thing is that this glass serves to beautify the look of your room, and has a modern and attractive impression. This glass is also very easy to clean or maintain.

Besides this glass has a function to reduce glare in the room due to sunlight, of course because of the opaque effect can soften the light. Other functions that can be used for several things such as for doors, room dividers, windows and much more. The many functions of this type of glass makes it very common in hotels or offices.

Size of Tempered Glass

Regarding the size of tempered frosted acid, this type cannot be ascertained for its size, because it has many things that affect it. This is because you can determine by yourself for the size of the glass, so that it can be adjusted to your needs. The size of tempered glass is usually adjusted to the level of thickness, this is because both have an important influence.

The thickness of the tempered glass can be determined by you, or by discussing in advance by the store to determine the appropriate size and thickness. This of course makes it easier for you to be able to choose the size you want. There are also some tempered glass that has engraving on its shape, to give a more beautiful impression when used.

Varia Jaya Solutions for Tempered Glass

Varia Jaya sells a lot of glass needs for building decoration and so on, with quality that can not be doubted. Varia Jaya itself is one of the well-known shops in Jakarta, and has a wealth of experience in glass and aluminum work. Many customers are satisfied and give more trust to Varia Jaya.

The process of making glass uses the best materials, with a very fast but precise process, so as to produce quality products. For those of you who are currently looking for high quality tempered frosted acid glass, Varia Jaya is the right solution. The price offered is also an affordable price, but the quality is not cheap.

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