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Specification of Storefront Glass & Aluminium

Glass and Aluminum Showcase

The use of glass and aluminum storefronts are widely used, especially for storefronts in shops. The reasons for using glass and aluminum display cases are so numerous that many store owners use glass and aluminum display cases. Storefront which is a small room surrounded by translucent glass material and aluminum frame is much more durable.

Definition of Glass and Aluminum Showcase

Storefront is a place to put goods as well as aesthetic container for a room. Various goods are generally stored in glass and aluminum display cases such as merchandise in shops to goods in museums. Musem antiques are generally kept in a glass display case with a view to maintaining its safety as well as making it easier for visitors to see.

There are many benefits of using glass and aluminum storefronts. One of the main benefits of course in terms of durability. Storefronts made of glass and aluminum will be more durable because it will not be eaten by termites or rust like materials made of wood or iron. In addition, this storefront is also more resistant to moist air and is very easy to clean.

Glass and Aluminum Showcase Functions

Although glass is one material that is very prone to damage due to breakage and cracks, but glass offers a higher aesthetic value than using other materials. Glass itself has various types ranging from stained glass, painting glass to glass that is commonly used. Because of the function and positive value it provides, this material is suitable for both business and personal use.

Glass and aluminum storefronts will usually be placed at the front of the store while displaying the main and interesting items from the store. By displaying in an open place, it is hoped that more people are interested and curious to buy. For storefronts in shops generally use the usual type of transparent clear glass because it aims to attract customers.

While the use of glass and aluminum storefronts to store clothes at home, you should use the type of color glass. The point is of course that the goods inside are not visible from the outside. Meanwhile, if this glass display case is used in the living room, it would be better if you use decorative glass on both sides.

Size of Glass and Aluminum Showcases

The size of the glass and aluminum display case itself is very diverse. This is because some glass display cases can be ordered or even have to be ordered by themselves. The things that affect the size of the glass and aluminum display case are the number of shelves arranged up to the width of the shelf. Of course the width of this rack depends on the size of the room.

Although ordered in a custom way, there are a number of stores that offer glass and aluminum storefronts that are ready-made with standard sizes. Generally the size of the storefront is made along the two meters with a height of 107 cm. The width is generally 50 cm. In addition, there are also sizes of glass and aluminum storefronts with a length of 1 m to 1.5 meters. This size is a standard size.

Sell ​​Glass and Aluminum Showcase

For those of you who are confused looking for a place to order a glass and aluminum storefront in the right place and convincing, then Varia Jaya can be used as a solution. Varia Jaya which is located at Jalan Mangga Dua Raya West Jakarta number 9 offers a variety of the best glass products for consumers.

Various products are sold by Varia Jaya. You can get a glass and aluminum storefront as well as other products such as glass doors and glass floors.

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