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Specification of Glass Mirror & Tinted Glass

Special Mirror Color Glass

Utilization of mirrors at home is used primarily to reflect shadows and see one's appearance from a mirror. If in the past mirror glass was only available in limited sizes and pinned to the wall, so now mirror glass is widely used as well as a double-functioning partition. In addition, now also has a special color mirror that has a certain color.

Definition of Special Color Glass Mirror

Mirror glass that has this color is mirror glass in general that can reflect shadows and light in front of it. The existence of this mirror in the dwelling used to be only an ordinary mirror with a limited size. However, now mirror glass is widely used for larger applications, namely as a room wall that can reflect shadows.

Mirror glass is often placed in walk-in closets, bathrooms, make-up rooms and places that require reflection. Judging from its development, mirror glass also comes with a variety of attractive colors. You can choose special mirror glass in red, blue, green and so on. This glass is widely used in parts of the room.

Color Mirror Special Glass Function

Seeing from its development, special color mirror glass is widely used for certain parts of the building. Because it has certain colors, this glass is widely used in addition to its function that reflects shadows, also because of its aesthetic function. With the colors of the mirror glass, this glass is even used as a ceiling of the house, especially in a place to relax or terrace.

With the color of this mirror, this makes the ceiling look more beautiful. Color mirror glass is also widely used as a wardrobe application, backdrop tv, as well as for other wall areas that use large mirror glass.

In addition to various colors of mirror glass, special color mirror glass is now also distinguished from the quality of the coating. There is a coating that serves to make the mirror is anti-rust due to the use of titanium as a coating layer. In addition, quality coatings also make mirror glass more durable.

Special Size Mirror Color Glass

Regarding the size of the special mirror glass color, the size will be very diverse and can be customized as needed. Regarding the size itself, this mirror will vary depending on the intended use. For example, the use of special color mirror for the partition of the wardrobe room, walk in closet, the size especially the height is determined by the height of the building and the room.

Meanwhile, the width itself is determined by the desire of the building owner. If the building owner wants to build a room full of special mirror color glass, the width of the glass is determined by the width of the room. However, this mirror can be divided into several parts which are then installed by sticking.

Selling Special Color Mirror Glass

Unfortunately, despite offering various benefits, it is not easy to get this one color mirror glass product. This is because the manufacturing process requires a special process to make it, especially in large form as a room partition. Therefore, make sure you choose in the right place like Varia Jaya.

Varia Jaya is a company engaged in the glass industry since 1986. This company produces a variety of glass-based products both for buildings and their use in other fields. You can order or custom glass special color mirror with a wide selection of colors whether you want the glass to be installed on windows, walls, ceilings and more.

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