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Opaque Color Glass
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Specification of Opaque Color Glass

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Opaque Color Glass

When you hear the word opaque in your mind? Certain colors whether or not including the color. It can be said that opaque is not actually a name for a type of color. Opaque itself is a solid color trait with a characteristic that cannot be penetrated by light. Because of its unique nature, many furniture now use opaque color glass.

Understanding Opaque Color Glass

Opaque color glass is glass that is designed to have a certain color but the color does not have the ability to penetrate light. Therefore, opaque colors are often referred to as solid colors because of their ability that is not penetrated by light. When the light comes from outside, then the nature of this opaque will actually reflect back the color that came.

The color of opaque itself in nature for example brown on solid wood and cannot be penetrated by light. In addition, there are also other opaque colors in nature such as stone and metal colors. Until now, there are almost every type of color that is opaque so it is not transparent because the light from outside is not transmitted.

Opaque Color Glass Function

The use of glass with opaque color has a variety of benefits for consumers. Because it has the nature of not forwarding the incoming light, then this one glass will not make others able to know who or what is in the glass room with opaque color.

Seeing the ability of glass with opaque colors to protect the goods or people behind the glass, opaque colors are widely applied in cabinets, shelves, or glass partitions that in addition to giving an elegant impression to a furniture or room but also to protect the goods or someone from the outside. That way, this makes someone's privacy is maintained.

One application of glass with opaque colors that are widely applied today is on home windows. By applying opaque tinted glass to the window, this will automatically protect the people inside from the views that come from outside.

Opaque Color Glass

For the size of the glass that uses the color of the opaque itself is very diverse. You can order various sizes depending on the intended use. For example, if you plan to use opaque tinted glass as a house window, then adjust the size of the opaque type color glass to the window of the house to be installed.

Some types of windows will use glass of this opaque color with a size of 100 cm for the length while the width itself is 45 cm. However, this size is not absolute because the height of the window will be determined by the height of the building to which the window will be installed.

Selling Opaque Color Glass

Getting a glass product with opaque colors is not necessarily offered at all glass production and craft sites. To get the best products, you are also advised to work with professionals. If you are still confused where the place is, then Varia Jaya can be used as the right choice.

Varia Jaya is located at Jalan Mangga Dua Raya, West Jakarta precisely at number 9 complex 31. The company has received various types of glass orders even since 1986 which shows how professional the glass industry company is. You will not only get opaque color glass products, but also other special products such as tempered glass and crystal glass.

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