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19 Jun 2020
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Selling special motif glass
 Varia Jaya Has Been Established Since 1986 And Has Experience In A Variety Of Glass & Aluminum Work Both For Commercial Work Or Private Housing.

Our Mission Is To Provide All Glass & Aluminum Procurement Solutions For Your Development Needs With The Best Quality And Price Tempered glass and special motif glass.

One type of special motif glass that is mostly found is stained glass, with a design that is different from other types of glass. Glass like this is widely used to decorate a room such as homes, and certain other places. This glass is included in the category of special motifs because it has its own uniqueness that makes it different from other glass.

General Understanding of Glass with Special Motives

Special motif glass is one type of glass that has a variety of motifs and has a beautiful color combination, so as to provide an attractive design. This can be seen from stained glass which is a type of glass which is assembled one by one to form a motif using the main material of brass or tin.

Main Function Special Motive Glass

Given the motifs that can be designed according to your wishes, making it can be used for decoration decoration in a room. This glass can be used to beautify the room, and make it look more attractive, because it has a vibrant color scheme when exposed to light. Special motifs on this glass, making it much in demand from various walks of life.

Special Size Patterned Glass

Patterned glass like stained has a very different type of size that can be determined according to your wishes. This glass, can be made with a large size and motif or can be smaller. This uniqueness makes it appear more flexible and widely used for various things in beautifying the room.

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