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 In the scope of work and education, blackboard is something that should not be missed by its existence. This is because the blackboard is the most efficient media when explaining various kinds of material. For the type of blackboard itself, there are several types that are still used today such as white boards, black boards, and glass blackboards.

Due to the reasons for the use of white board and black board which are considered to be less clean and not free of lime dust, so many switch to using the type of glass board or glass blackboard. Therefore, it can be said that the use of white boards and black boards has begun to be abandoned. If you want to know more about glass boards, then the following explanation.

Definition of Glass Chalkboard
As the name implies, a glass board is a blackboard made of glass. The use of this glass material is because glass is considered to be cleaner and free of dust. In addition, the writing on the surface of the glass board is easier to clean when compared to other types of blackboards.

The shape of the type of glass board is also almost the same as a general blackboard. However, the difference is in the main part of the blackboard that uses materials such as glass. As for the edges, they usually use aluminum to avoid unwanted things like sharp glass.

Glass Whiteboard Function
As explained earlier, the main function of this glass blackboard is as a substitute for white board and black board. In addition to its more efficient use, this glass board is certainly able to last longer. If it is used for too long, usually the plywood material on the black board will rot. In addition, a white layer of white board is also not uncommon to peel.

Of course these various problems will be very annoying when the blackboard is used. Not only that, the type of whiteboard that is less durable will also make more money spent because it will make changes or repairs too often. Therefore, this type of glass board is the most appropriate choice.

Size of the Glass Chalkboard
For the size of this type of glass blackboard, there is no definite measure when buying it. So the size of this type of blackboard is flexible, so the width of the glass board can be adjusted to your needs and desires. In fact, you can order glass boards that are small to large.

Glass used as material usually uses tempered glass type. This type of glass is indeed famous for its thick, elastic, and not easily broken. The weight and size of the glass itself must be balanced so it does not fall when installed. The installation of this whiteboard must also be very strong, so as not to shake when used.

Sell ​​Glass Chalkboard
By knowing the fiber information of various kinds of advantages possessed by glass whiteboards compared to other types of blackboards, of course you are more confident to use glass boards. However, because of the risk of making and installing them, you may not choose these whiteboard manufacturing services at random.

You don't need to worry if you already plan to install the glass board. You can entrust the manufacture and installation of this glass board to Varia Jaya. Varia Jaya is a specialized service provider for manufacturing various glass-based properties in West Jakarta. Because of its experience in handling proven customers, you don't need to worry about the services provided.

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