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Selling Cheap Mirror Glass in Jakarta

 For some people, mirror glass is one of the things that must exist in a house or building. This is because the mirror has a variety of uses that are very helpful in activities and daily life. Therefore, if you make a building, do not forget to install a mirror in one place in the room in the building.

Although it looks trivial, but try to imagine if there is no mirror in one house or building. You will have a hard time when it is difficult to see certain parts, so you will need other objects that can reflect the image clearly. For that, consider installing a mirror glass in the room if needed.

Understanding Mirror Glass
Understanding of a mirror glass a glass that is able to display reflections from images that are within its scope. This object consists of a thin layer of aluminum coupled with pieces of glass. Later, the shadow in front of him will be reflected through the glass that has been coated by the aluminum strip.

In general, the results of refraction of light on this glass will be original or the same as the size of the refracted object. So, there is no change in size to be bigger or smaller, except for certain types of mirrors. Conversely, for reflection the resulting image will be in the opposite direction to the object's reflected direction.

Mirror Glass Function
In everyday life, this mirror is usually used to see various parts that are difficult to see. So, for example if you experience difficulties when you want to style your hair or style your clothes, then this mirror can be used to show the reflection of your hair. Therefore, the function of this mirror should not be underestimated.

However, besides that mirrors also have functions in various fields. As it is used in making periscope, making prism binoculars, solar energy water heaters, used in solar generators, in the entertainment field, beautifying a room, and many others. Although it looks simple, the mirror has many functions.

Size of Mirror Glass
There are various sizes of mirrors that are around according to their function. For the size of the mirror glass there is actually no definite reference. Therefore, you need to adjust the size of this mirror with its use. For example, the size of the mirror used in solar plants, will be different from the size of the mirror used to make prism binoculars. Of course, size adjustment is very important to avoid problems.

Selling Mirror Glass
By knowing various things about the mirror glass above, surely you already understand that this mirror is very useful for life. However, due to the true nature of broken glass, you should not be random in choosing services that offer glass manufacturing for a variety of things.

If you are still confused about choosing a manufacturer or manufacturer that offers mirror making services, then you don't need to worry anymore. You can entrust the need for this mirror to us. We have long been trusted by the public to make various kinds of mirror-based objects, one of which is mirror glass.

Our store is located in West Jakarta, precisely at Mangga Dua Raya Complex No. 31 No.9, West Jakarta. If you need the mirror, then go straight to the location so you can directly consult about the making of the mirror and its use. For the price, don't worry, we dare to guarantee the lowest price compared to other services.

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