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 Glass is a translucent and clear substance that occurs if the soil is rusty in the form of quartz sand and crushed flint or sandstone which is melted together with chemicals. Glass contains silica (sand), potassium, lime, and some other parts of chemicals. Glass is widely used in buildings such as glass doors, glass windows, glass partitions and also used for furniture raw materials.

The glass products we sell include: Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Color Glass, Building Glass, Exterior Glass, Aquarium Glass, Spider Glass, Shower Glass, Cristal Glass, etc. The products we sell have good quality and affordable prices.

In making a building, there are various kinds of materials needed. Of course, this varied material aims to produce a perfect building. If none of these materials are available, this building will not function properly. One material that is needed is glass.

Just imagine if the building you live in doesn't have any glass. Surely it will feel uncomfortable and stuffy. Therefore, the existence of this material is vital and cannot be replaced. If you do not know some important things about this material, then here is a little information that can help you.

Definition of Glass
Literally, this glass is a translucent and clear substance and is formed from rough soil in the form of quartz sand, as well as crushed flints or sandstones that are fused together with chemicals together. This one material contains potassium, silica (sand), and some parts of other chemicals.

In addition to being translucent, this material is also transparent or transparent. So you can see various things behind it. Therefore, this one material is needed in the manufacture of a building. If you want to see objects outside the room, you don't need to leave the room. You can see from behind the mounted glass.

Glass function
As explained earlier, the main function of this material is to see objects outside the room from inside the room. Not only that, this material also functions as an intermediary for the entry of light into a room. So that the room does not feel empty and becomes uncomfortable. This will also help in your daily life.

Besides being used for building construction, this material is also often used for various kinds of furniture. Such as tables, cabinets, shelves, and so forth. This is because the material has unique (translucent) properties and is able to build a modern and elegant atmosphere. So it is very suitable for building futuristic concepts in the home.

Glass Size
For the size of the glass itself, there is no standard that must be used. You can adjust the width and length of this material according to your wants and needs. In addition, you can also determine the level of thickness required. Therefore, it can be said that this one material is very flexible.

Selling Glass
It is impossible if in today's life, especially in making a building and manage its contents without using glass material. Therefore, immediately replace the furniture and parts of the building that should use the material. However, the producers or services of making these materials are quite difficult to find.

If you already get it, not necessarily the service is able to provide maximum results. For that you don't need to worry anymore. We are here to fulfill all needs related to glass. For example tables, cupboards, shelves, storefronts, windows, doors, and many others.

Therefore, there is no need to worry anymore. You can entrust these needs to us, because there are many that will prove the service and quality of goods produced by these producers. For more information, you can open the website or visit Jalan Mangga Dua Raya Komplek 31 No.9, West Jakarta.

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