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Glass Showcase also called the glass cabinet is a medium used to display merchandise so that it is more easily seen and sought by buyers. With the storefront, the buyer will more easily recognize what items are sold and also easily choose the items to be purchased. This storefront usually consists of various sizes, which are adjusted to the needs of the goods to be displayed. We, Varia Jaya sell glass screens of various sizes with quality raw materials. Besides that, we also accept glass display cases to suit your business needs. Please contact our telephone number to ask for specifications and prices for glass display cases.

Glass Showcase
In a building, especially a shop, the storefront becomes a piece of furniture that is not to be missed. In fact, it can be said that the storefront is a major part of a store. For the type of storefront itself, there are several types that are widely used for now. Like the wooden storefront, aluminum storefront, and also a glass storefront.

But if you pay attention, glass display case is more in demand and is used in a variety of stores. This is because this type of storefront, has various advantages compared to other types of storefronts. If you don't know exactly what a glass window is, then you can see a little information as follows.

Understanding Glass Showcase
Storefront itself comes from the French language that is etalage which means arrangement or exhibition. It is intended for a cabinet, shelf, or box that serves to show off the items inside. So that visitors see the item directly.

So, it can be interpreted that the glass display case is a shelf or cabinet made of glass. Of course, the use of this glass, aims so that visitors or buyers can see clearly directly the goods in it. Therefore, this type of storefront is very suitable if used in a shop.

Glass Display Function
As explained earlier, the main function of this storefront is to display goods sold or exhibited. But besides that, this glass display case also has many other advantages when compared to other types of display cases. As well as easy to clean, not rusty or weathered, and many others.

Even so, the use of glass in this window will usually be combined with other materials. Like wood, iron, or aluminum. Now, to avoid various problems such as massages and weathering, the use of a very appropriate combination of materials is aluminum. This aluminum material is usually only used at the edges.

Glass Display Case Size
There is no definite benchmark for the size of this type of glass display case. So, you can adjust the size of the storefront to suit the purpose and use. But whether it's large or small, the use of glass for this window should not be arbitrary. Usually the type of glass used is thick and sturdy glass.

Sell ​​Glass Showcase
Surely after you know a few things about this glass display case, you are sure if this type of storefront is a very appropriate storefront in making a store. So no need to hesitate anymore to order it for your store, because this storefront has a lot of advantages that will help the operation of the store that is run.

However, you also may not choose a manufacturer or storefront manufacture services arbitrarily or carelessly. This is because the quality of the storefront greatly influences the development of your own store. For that, do not worry, because you can entrust the needs of various types of furniture made of glass to us.

This glass furniture manufacturer located at Jalan Mangga Dua Raya Komplek 31 No.9, West Jakarta, has been running for a long time. In addition, there are many clients who have worked together and the clients admitted that they were satisfied with the furniture, especially the glass window display that was produced. Or you can go to for more info.

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